Brainoral Drops

Brainoral Drops

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For providing utmost satisfaction to the clients, we are engaged in manufacturing and supplying an effective range of Brainoral Drops. These are highly suitable for maintaining healthy body and sound mind. Our syrups are superior in quality and recommended for the growing children having loss of memory, stress and overwork pressure. We pack the complete collection of Brainoral Drops in diverse seal pack bottles to ensure hassle free delivery.



  • Safe to consume
  • Clinically tested
  • Seal pack grades


Further Details:


Brainoral for Sound Mind & Healthy Body

Indications: It is an effective medicine for sound mind and healthy body. It is recomended for childrenhaving pressure of overwork, tress and loss of memory.

Doses: 20 to 25 drops twice dialy or as directed by the physician.

Composition: Avena Sativa Q, Alfalfa q, Acid Phos 2x, Anacardium Ori 6x, Kalium Phosphoricum 3x, Passiflora Inc Q, Melilotus Alba Q, Cinchona Off Q, Withania Somnifera Q, Sarsaparilla Q, Damiana 6, Syrup q.s., Colour: Caramel q.s., Alcohal Content 12% v/v.

Packings: 30 ml.